In 2023 Canyons Japan, (which operates in Nozawa, Gala Yuzawa, and Minakami) will be  offering PRIVATE SKI & SNOWBOARD LESSONS at Taiko Hotel.

Please feel free to contact us at myoko@canyons.jp for more info.

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Ski & Snowboard Lessons

Learn to Ski and Snowboard in English with our international team of professional instructors.

Canyons Japan, a leading snow school provider will be offering private lessons at Taiko Hotel in the 2023 Season.

An international crew of professional instructors will ensure you a fantastic Myoko experience, whether you are a first timer or a seasoned veteran.

Private Lessons

Make the most of your time on the slopes with a private lesson.

The Myoko area has an incredible range of terrain for all levels of ability and some of the most consistent snowfalls in Japan, with a yearly average of over 14m!

Canyons have a small team of highly experienced instructors that are providing lessons at Ikenotaira Onsen, Suginohara, Akakura Onsen, and Akakura Kanko.

Lesson Pricing


Offering exclusively private lessons, the undivided attention of our highly qualified instructors means that you truly get the most out of your time in Myoko with lessons tailor-made for you.

Morning, Afternoon, and Full-Day lessons are available.
**All our prices include up to 6 guests per lesson.

09:00 – 12:00
Great for the early risers who are looking to get the freshest pow
39,000 yen

13:30 – 16:00
Ideal for beginners and intermediates
28,000 yen

Full day:
09:00 – 15:00
The ability to enjoy a flexible start time with ample time to enjoy the resort and build technique.
65,000 yen

Available: Every day; for all ability levels (Levels 1 – 6)

Minimum age: 4 years old

Capacity per instructor: 1 – 6 participants

Notes: Lift tickets and rental are not included in the price and are to be prepared before the lesson start time – rentals are available at Hotel Taiko – Rental Info

INSURANCE: The price of the lesson does not include accident insurance. Please obtain travel insurance to cover snowsports and all participants. We recommend ALL lesson participants have travel insurance. You can purchase Japan travel specific insurance here.

Private Lessons

Things to Bring

Ski/Snowboard, boots, snow wear,
gloves, helmet.

Additional Costs

Rental equipment and lift ticket.

Lesson Ability Levels

The following ability levels show what skills you will be working on at each level.
If you can already perform the skills at a level proficiently please proceed to the next level.

Ability: I have never skied before.
Lesson Goals: Stop in a wedge on the beginner run and starting to turn.

Current Ability: I am linking wedge turns on the beginner run.
Lesson Goals: Wedge turn on easy GREEN runs and ride a chairlift safely.

Current Ability: I am comfortably wedge turning on GREEN runs and can ride a chairlift.
Lesson Goals: Make my skis parallel at the end of the turn on GREEN runs and gain more confidence.

Current Ability: I am skiing faster, matching my skis in the middle of the turn on GREEN runs and I am ready for steeper GREEN or BLUE runs.
Lesson Goals: Keep my skis parallel all the time on challenging GREEN runs or BLUE runs.

Current Ability: I can ski parallel and control speed with round turns on challenging GREEN runs or BLUE runs..
Lesson Goals: Try RED runs and become more confident on steeper terrain.

Current Ability: I can ski parallel and control speed with round turns on challenging GREEN runs or BLUE runs..
Lesson Goals: Try RED runs and become more confident on steeper terrain.

Ability: I have never snowboarded before.
Lesson Goals: Learn how to stop on both edges on the beginner run.

Current Ability: I can get up on my own, stop and sideslip on both edges on the beginner run.
Lesson Goals: Do a floating leaf, try C-shaped turns on a GREEN run and learn how to ride a chairlift.

Current Ability: I can do a toe edge and heel edge C-shaped turn on GREEN runs.
Lesson Goals: Link C-turns confidently on easy GREEN runs after riding a chairlift and start to vary turn shape.

Current Ability: I can make varied turn shapes and sizes on GREEN runs consistently.
Lesson Goals: Confidently control my speed through turn shape on challenging GREEN runs or BLUE runs.

Current Ability: I am making smooth turns on challenging GREEN runs or BLUE runs.
Lesson Goals: Introduce RED runs and the option of entry level freestyle skills.

Current Ability: I am comfortable on challenging RED runs.
Lesson Goals: You will be working on advanced techniques such as moguls, carving, variable conditions, powder and freestyle on RED and BLACK runs.

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Go Myoko is located in the heart of Myoko with our office at Hotel Taiko in Akakura Onsen.

We strive to match the best terrain to the lessons needs, and as such we can offer lessons at any of the main four ski resorts in the area: Akakura Onsen, Akakura Kanko, Alpen Blick Snow Resort (Ikenotaira Onsen), and Myoko Suginohara Resort.

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